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Mexico always surprises you ... from Mexico City to Veracruz to Merida .. every part of this country is different, and with it its architecture!

Let's start with our journey from its immense capital: CDMX, better knowns as, Mexico City!

Rich in historical buildings such as those we can find in the main square (the largest square in South America), it also surprises us with super modern buildings and a not indifferent skyscraper. in the main square we find the Metropolitan Cathedral, a large Catholic church located in the Plaza de la Constitution of Mexico City also known as the Zócalo and designed by Claudio De Arciniega in Baroque style.

Mexico City Cathedral © Fiorella P. / Mba Photography 2018

The adjacent buildings, known as the parliament, are also very interesting. In Mexico City there is also the famous Casa Gilardi, the last work by Luis Barragán to which the Pritzker Prize was recently assigned. The house was built in 1980, which is both rigorous and complex in the articulation of spaces, emanates a profound, almost religious, sense of recollection.

Casa Gilardi | pasillo | Luis Barragan © Fiorella P. / Mba Photography 2018

Than we move to the coast, to Veracruz, where the famous Foro Boca is king. Foro Boca, designed by Michel Rojkind, fits into a master plan that seeks to revitalize an urban area that is currently deteriorated. It is located in the estuary of the river and it has a rich history.

Foro Boca by Roijking Arquitectos © Fiorella P. / Mba Photography 2018

The Mexican classical architecture that we find in small villages is very different: Campeche, Rio Lagartos, Tulum. They are often buildings made of wood: poor architecture enriched by many colors.

Architecture in Campeche and Rio Lagartos © Fiorella P. / Mba Photography 2018

Contemporary architecture in Tulum © Fiorella P. / Mba Photography 2018

Finally we move to Merida, where we meet one of the seven wonders of the modern world: Chichen itza!

Built three thousand years ago by the Maya surprises us for its uniqueness and incredible beauty: how is it possible that a building of such magnificence has arrived intact to us?

Chichén Itzá is a complex of Mayan ruins on Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula. © Fiorella P. / Mba Photography 2018

From music to culture, to food to the architecture. Mexico is so different and unique! Lively and never trivial, let yourself be surprised by the colorful power of this nation!

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